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Multus - pod stuck in terminating state

Having multus in place, pods might be stuck in starting or terminating state if you made a mistake in the config.

Daniel Nachtrub
Daniel Nachtrub

There are situations that pods in kubernetes might need additional network interfaces. A typical use case might be kubevirt or special applications that need more network throughput and might make use of SR-IOV adapters.

In any case you will typically use multus CNI for this.

This post adresses an edge case that might happen when you did possibly an invalid configuration on the network config and the pod cannot start nor stop.

If you describe the pod, it will show you something like:

error killing pod: failed to "KillPodSandbox" for "981bf6f9-cac2-43d7-860e-2a921650978e" with KillPodSandboxError: "rpc error: code = Unknown desc = failed to destroy network for sandbox "8bff599ad441f4762f4b7d1e8a92739ff33d23cdd2517e936649a0da9641d6a1": plugin type="multus" name="multus-cni-network" failed (delete): delegateDel: error invoking DelegateDel - "vlan": error in getting result from DelNetwork: no plugin name provided"
status of the pod

The easy fix to get the pod terminated properly is to open the pod spec and remove the multus related annotation

apiVersion: v1
kind: Pod
  annotations: 8bff599ad441f4762f4b7d1e8a92739ff33d23cdd2517e936649a0da9641d6a1 "" "" '[{"name":"br0-vlan2110","namespace":"vms","interface":"pod37a8eec1ce1"}]' compute
pod spec excerpt

Just remove the annotation and the webhook will allow the deletion - problem solved.


Daniel Nachtrub

Kind of likes computers. Linux foundation certified: LFCS / CKA / CKAD / CKS. Microsoft certified: Cybersecurity Architect Expert & Azure Solutions Architect Expert.